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Which Hair Color Are Men Most Attracted To?

The old adage that’s been around for years is that “blondes have more fun” or “gentleman prefer blondes,” but when put to the test, do these stereotypes hold up?

A recent study in Britain sought to put an end to the ambiguity once and for all. Over a hundred men participated in the study, and were asked a variety of questions about photos of women (who had their hair dyed 3 different colors). The women were ranked on likeliness to be approached, as well as a variety of perceived characteristics such as intelligence, physical attractiveness, and stability.

Window-shop ginger girl, Redhead Day Breda

photo by Eddy Van 3000

The results found that brunettes were considered more intelligent and more attractive over their blonde and red-headed counterparts. Interestingly, blondes were approached more often, but commonly categorized as needy. Red-heads were the least likely of the group to be approached, and were often perceived as being temperamental or “fiery.”

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