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Which Bald Celebrity Rocks the Shaved Head Best?

Although Sinead O’Connor made quite the statement by shaving her head and donning a bald look in the 80’s and 90’s, some celebrities today have brought back the look and have made it sexy. But which smooth-headed celeb rocks the chrome dome the best? We ask you to decide, who is the best looking bald celebrity?

The Actor

These two stars got it going on, but who does it better: Matt Damon or Vin Diesel?


photo by Marco

The Rockstar

Pitbull and Chris Daughtry are making a huge comeback with the shaved scalp, performing all over the world with not a hair on their heads.

Daughtry Performs in Florida

photo by LUIS BLANCO

The Athlete

Athletes have always been able to get away with the no-hair, no-fuss look. But we’ve got to know, who does it better: Andre Agassi or Michael Jordan?


photo by Jason H. Smith

Unfortunately, not all of us can pull the look off; so if you’re in need of hair transplant in New York, contact Nuhart at 800-776-7775 to learn more about getting a fuller head of hair and a happier life.