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What Color Should You Dye Your Hair This Winter?

When the weather gets colder and the short days seem more drab and bleak, it’s easy to just fade away into the snow and flurries. But with a bright and fresh new hair color, you’ll stand out against the boringness of winter! Here are a few hair color options to help bring out your inner blizzard beauty!



photo credit: Hair color2012 via photopin cc

Red is a great color for winter because it not only pops out against the cold, it goes great with any outfit! Try a medium burgundy hue to add some extra oomph to your ‘do.


Black Violet

photo credit:
Silences à gogo via photopincc

If you already have black hair, then going for a black violet hue is easy! It’ll boost your raven locks and make them shimmer in the winter sun!


Chocolate Brown

photo credit:
katieblench via photopincc

Another hair color that goes with anything. If you have light blue or light green eyes, a chocolate brown hair color will look great with your complexion. Not to mention, it’s a classy color to sport at all of those holiday parties!

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