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What Causes Hair Loss?

The average person loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day. Some hair loss is a normal facet of the hair growth process, but many people will suffer from an excessive loss of hair at one point in their lives, maybe more. Many causes of hair loss can be categorized into three basic areas: hormonal, illness, and mechanical. Here are some of the common causes of hair thinning, loss, and balding.


Hormones stimulate hair growth and cause hair loss. Hormonal changes have a huge impact on hair loss and are the most common cause of hair thinning in both men and women.  Hair loss in men tends to concentrate in a pattern from the front of the head to the crown. Women thin throughout the head in no particular pattern. This type of hormonally charged hair loss is caused by androgen and Dihydortestosterone (DHT). Everyone produces DHT, but whether or not you’ll suffer from thinning depends on how many Androgen receptors your body has to allow the DHT to have something to attach to. The number of Androgen receptors you have is an inherited genetic trait, but you can manipulate the receptors with drugs that prevent the creation of DHT.


Hair follicles are extremely sensitive to changes and imbalances in the body. Issues like extreme stress, deficient diets, medications, or chronic illness can lead people to lose their hair. Hair loss that is caused by illness or disease is usually temporary. Many people who lose their hair due to illness find their hair loss issues resolve after they are healthy again.

Mechanical Damage

Hair loss can also be self-inflicted by intentional or unintentional methods. Some people deal with stress by continuously pulling out strands of their hair. Other people find that they over process their hair using harsh hair styling chemicals like dyes, tints, bleaches, and relaxers. Over processing hair causes it to weaken and damage, and then eventually break off. Some people experience chemical burns that prevent hair from growing back. Many other people who braid or weave their hair too tightly experience permanent hair loss.

For many sufferers of hair loss, the reasons for the loss matter much less than the solutions. Some hair loss sufferers turn to pharmaceuticals to help them with their hair loss or consult with a surgeon or physician to understand hair transplant and hair restoration procedures, including grafts and laser therapies. Permanent hair loss does have a solution! Find one that works for you today! 800-776-7775