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Valentine’s Hair in NY: 5 New York Updos for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! This means a few things: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Along with high blood sugar, Valentine’s Day will bring awkward dates, people putting off break-ups, people planning proposals, people making dinner plans, people breaking dinner plans, and people figuring out what they’re going to wear to said dinner plans. Another important Valentine’s Day tradition is people figuring out how they’re going to do their hair. It’s all very serious, of course, and we all want to look good. Here are 5 romantic updos for your night out in NYC that’ll rock your partner’s eyeballs and make him happy to have made reservations three months in advance:

Flower Girl

Floral crown, mermaid hair wreath, flower head piece, hair accessory - ondine5

photo by Faylyne

Real flowers in your hair will get you noticed. It’s a bold move, but if you can pull it off, they’ll remember you for it. Obviously look for fresh flowers, and you’ll want to enlist the help of a friend to help dress them in a way that looks balanced and appealing. Not sure you want to try such a busy look? Here’s an option for a single rose in hair updo, with video.

Up but Low

This is a great hairstyle if you have medium-length hair and want something you can pull off easily between work and your date. It lets you put your hair up so you can put it down later, a benefit most hair styles can’t claim. Here’s a link to a video that will help you achieve a similar low updo look.


Soft is good and can do wonders for your hair. With little time and effort, you can maintain a soft updo for your special night. This is one you should be able to pull off yourself, and you don’t need the longest hair in the world to do it. Here’s a link that will show you how to prepare your hair for a soft updo.

Hot Bun

You’ve worked out at the gym about a thousand hours since the holidays to make sure your buns are hot, so let’s celebrate that fact: try a hot bun up top. It’s subtle and easy, presuming your hair is long enough for it. Here’s a link to a how-to curly bun video. Just avoid the Princess Leia, earmuffs look. Nobody can make that work, even in New York.

Beautiful Braids

Wicker Hair Braid & Shorts shared while enjoying wicker porch furniture!

photo by Wicker Paradise

Braids are beautiful, and they give you the ability to control fairly well how your hair’s going to look for a long day or evening, wind, rain, or shine. And since New York’s definitely experiencing some weather this February, this might be the look to go for. Just make sure you have plenty of time to prepare this, and again you’ll want the help of a friend or stylist. Check out this video for tips on how to braid your hair beautifully for Valentine’s Day.

Whatever you do, just make sure you line things up in advance, and you’re night’s going to be great! Be safe, and have fun.

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