Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss

Understanding Hair Transplant Procedures

For individuals suffering from baldness, a hair transplant can be a dramatic and permanent last resort. As technology continues to advance, there are now more transplant methods available to achieve results. Traditionally, many doctors have used the strip method but recent innovations have led to Follicular Unit Extraction or NeoGrafting. Because a hair transplant is a big decision, it is important to fully understand both options in order to make the best choice possible.

The Traditional Strip Method

The strip method involves a small incision along the donor area. This usually means the back or sides of the head, and a portion must be carefully removed in order to properly harvest the hair follicles. Once the section of scalp has been removed, the surgical team will carefully remove the hair follicles in small units. These units of follicles are then inserted into slits on the desired region.

Follicular Unit Extraction, the Natural Baldness Cure

Follicular Unit Extraction, known as FUE, has the same ultimate goal but with a distinctive approach. Instead of excising a part of the scalp, the surgeon instead removes individual hair follicles. The implantation portion of the procedure is very similar, with each follicle being placed carefully into the desired region.

Both procedures are completed to create a new head of hair with the ultimate hope that the follicles will continue to produce growth in their transplanted location. This can effectively reverse the impact of baldness, giving patients new hope and confidence. However, there are some differences between the two approaches that are worth noting.

With the traditional strip method, sutures are required to repair the donor site. FUE, on the other hand, has no suturing required. This not only allows individuals to recover faster with fewer complications but greatly reduces the appearance of any scars. On top of this, FUE affords minimum discomfort and can even be completed with robotic assistance for maximum efficiency.

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