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Top 5 Natural Ingredients That Should Be IN Your Hair!

We all lust for gorgeous locks of flowing, healthy hair; but in reality, we’re at the mercy of extreme weather changes, harsh water, relentless chemicals, and so much more. So what’s a girl to do to get the hair she’s always wanted in such a climate as today? It’s simple. Go back to the basics of hair care with the following five natural health care remedies that will have you rejoicing once again over the natural state of your hair.

1. Mayonnaise

Although the fat in mayo is not as good for your booty as you’d like it to be, it is good for one thing: smoothing out frizzies and helping protect your hair from dryness. Put a glob on your strands and soak in it for a good half hour before washing with shampoo. Trust us: Your locks will love it.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

While apple cider vinegar is considered a wonder for your skin, your body, and your digestive health, it’s not often thought of as a remedy for your hair. But this is often the key ingredient in natural shampoos and hair-health products, as it can naturally strip your hair of unnecessary oils and rid your scalp of annoying dandruff.

3. Olive Oil

Oh, nature’s favorite remedy for just about everything. Olive oil can do wonders for your hair, like making it softer, smoother, and shinier. Just heat about a half a cup of olive oil — don’t burn it — and douse your hair, wrap in a towel or bag, and leave on for at least 20 minutes. When you remove the towel, be bewildered at the gorgeousness that awaits you.

Olive Oil Bottle
photo by kanshiketsu

4. Avocado With Coconut Milk

This delectable mixture not only tastes delicious, but it can also do absolute wonders if you are a sufferer of split ends. Mash an avocado and mix very well with about a cup of coconut milk — all natural, not sweetened. Next, apply to hair and work through. Leave on your scalp for just a bit, then wash out. Watch as your split ends literally disappear.

5. Eggs

Do you suffer from incredibly dry hair? Try a mixture of raw eggs with olive oil on your scalp. Work into hair and rinse out; the proteins from the eggs will help remedy the rawness of your once brittle hair.

Egg Egg Egg Egg

photo by boughtbooks

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