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Three Facial Hair Trends We Hope Not to See in 2013

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Hair. Everybody has it (at least at one point in their life). Everybody has to deal with it. It clogs drains, messes up your day, and it costs a lot of money to manage, whether it’s cut, waxed, pulled, plugged, or shaved. Some people make hair their life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it doesn’t mean we have to like every trend that pops up. Here are three hirsute fads we hope not to see in 2013.

1. The Monkey Tail Beard

The fact we can do an internet image search for “monkey tail” and get thousands of results showing facial hair means a number of things: 1. we’ve reached hipster critical mass 2. this guy has too much time on his hands 3. there might actually be a woman (or women) out there who appreciates this kind of thing in a man. Please, ladies, don’t reward this guy with attention. You’ll only encourage him. Just ignore him until he pedals away on his single-speed bike back to Williamsburg or Bushwick or wherever he goes to sample artisanal goat cheeses while his clown friend practices handstands.
monkey tail beard

Photo by: Sean Martell

2. The Toothbrush Moustache

Two words, Adolf: too soon.
toothbrush moustache

Photo by: Mike S.

3. Beard Art

This is a thing that is happening. And it has to be stopped. Only you can prevent Beard Art (and by “you” we mean the men who participate and the women who indulge these guys and think they’re cute). This is probably just an ironic excuse to get together and drink, but nevertheless… a beard is a beard, people.
flyer for beard art competition

Photo by: Joey Marchy

While facial hair can make you look distinguished, there is a time and a place for whimsical style. Your face is not the place for it. For more information about hair trends, hair growth, or to find hair transplants in New York, contact NuHart at 800-776-7775.