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Thinning Hair Could Be Result of Unbalanced Diet

Having a full head of luscious locks isn’t something that everyone is born with. Some of us have it and lose it; others never have it in the first place; and even more of us find that age gets the better of our hair, turning it thin and brittle — which is why many turn to hair transplants¬†later in life.

But what if age isn’t associated at all with hair loss for some individuals?

Thinning hair could actually be the result of deficiencies within the diet. Whether you adhere to a less-than-healthy diet, have many restrictions due to food allergies or sensitivities, or maintain an unbalanced vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, a lack of certain nutrients could be to blame for your thinning hair.

Source: via Lucky on Pinterest

One such food that, when restricted from the diet can cause all sorts of problems, is salt. Individuals need a certain amount of salt in their diet to maintain a healthy thyroid; and when salt is lacking, the thyroid can’t function properly — which can most definitely be a contributing factor to hair loss.

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