Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss

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Hair transplantation is widely considered to be the most effective option for restoring hair because it’s a permanent, relatively simple procedure, and it achieves a natural look.

A Natural And Permanent Solution

In most cases, the cause of hair loss can be traced to the hormone DHT. As men grow and mature, some are more prone than others to have their hair fall out, while others resist the effect of male hormones, and keep their hair usually for their entire life.

Hair that is genetically programmed not to fall out is generally located in a horseshoe shaped area in the back of the head. Hair transplantation is the simple in-office procedure of removing these DHT-resistant follicles from the donor area (the back or sides of the head) and inserting this hair into the thinning and balding areas on the top and front of the head. Hair from the donor area is genetically programmed to grow for the rest of one’s life.

Unlike hairpieces or hair systems, which may not exactly match your hair color and type, hair transplantation looks completely natural because it is your own hair—just moved to the thinning and balding areas. As a hair restoration option, hair transplantation is the only natural and permanent solution that restores a hairline and adds density to the thinning area. For these reasons, it’s the ultimate solution to the main cause of hair loss.

Finding the Right Hair Transplant Physician

It is extremely important to find a physician qualified and skilled to artistically transplant hair follicles in a natural-looking way. Our qualified physicians specialize in the proven Nu/Hart methods, which are always technologically advanced, safe, permanent, and affordable, ensuring a smooth, comfortable and simple in-office procedure.

Before Your Nu/Hart Hair Transplant

The first step in hair restoration is a full evaluation and consultation with a Nu/Hart hair transplant expert. During the consultation, you’ll discuss items such as your expectations, your family history of hair loss, your current hair loss stage, and your previous hair restoration experience. After everything is considered, your Nu/Hart consultant or physician will recommend the best solution, medical or non-medical, for your individual situation.

If Nu/Hart Hair Transplantation is the best solution for you, a full review of the procedure is next, including:

During Your Nu/Hart Hair Transplant

Anesthesia and Donor Hair Removal

On the day of your hair transplant session, you will meet your Nu/Hart medical team, complete information forms, and have pre-operative photos taken in order to monitor your progress. Please note that all Nu/Hart photos are 100% private and only available to you and your Nu/Hart physician. Then your Nu/Hart physician will reconfirm your specific goals and review all artistic considerations.

After confirming your hair restoration plan, you will receive local anesthetic, and your physician and medical experts will remove the donor hair from the back or sides of your head.

In a Nu/Hart Rapid Results session, a ribbon of tissue is extracted. The donor area is then sutured; this will usually leave a thin linear scar that is easily concealed by the remaining hair.

In a Nu/Hart NeoGrafting (FUE) session, individual follicular units are removed, and no stitches are needed.

Preparation, Inspection, or Separation of Follicular Units

During a Rapid Results session, our skilled surgical staff divides the donor strip into its follicular groupings, or units, each containing one, two, or three hairs. During a NeoGrafting (FUE) session, the medical assistants simply inspect the follicular units, and they are immediately inserted in the recipient area.

Preparing the recipient sites

After anesthesia is used in the recipient area, tiny incisions are made for each graft. Great detailed attention is made to the location, depth and angle. This ensures a completely natural-looking hair transplant.

Placement of grafts

Nu/Hart puts great emphasis on restoring your hairline. This zone of hair needs to transition from fine, thin, solitary hairs at the front to thicker, denser hair in the back of your head. This is typically accomplished by placing one and two-hair follicular units in front, while sometimes placing two to three-hair follicular units at the top and back for maximum coverage and density. Densely packing random hairs with follicular units restores hair in the most natural and undetectable manner. Nu/Hart also follows your natural growth patterns to produce the most natural-looking results.

Learn more of what happens during a typical hair transplant procedure.

After Your Nu/Hart Hair Transplant

After your Nu/Hart hair transplant session, you will feel fine and leave the clinic wearing a ball cap. We can provide one for you or you may bring your own if you wish.

For the first few nights following your session, we encourage you to sleep with your head elevated on pillows. Medications are given to make you comfortable. You should follow your physician’s instructions on medications.

You are also given Nu/Hart’s phone numbers and are welcome to call us 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns. It’s also important to follow Nu/Hart’s Post-Operative Instructions. You may also find it helpful to view this timeline of what to expect after your procedure.