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The Best Hair Trends of 2012

Beyonce Knowels
Hollywood is always influencing the hairstyles and shades that become mainstream trends. From shocks of color to footwear for your hair, here are the hair trends that made waves in 2012.

Straight Waves
Straight Waves are the modern version of Beachy Waves. 2012’s version of this boho style is more uniformed and polished. It’s less of a bouncy curl and more of a smooth sultry wave.

Ombre Hair
Ombre Hair made its way onto the beauty scene a couple of years ago, but the trend stayed strong in 2012. The practice of lightening the ends of the hair continued to grace the heads of celebrities and beauty mavens alike.

Dip Dyed Hair
Taking a nod from the Ombre Hair trend, Dip Dyed Hair made a big statement in 2012. The Dip Dye trend is exactly what it sounds like. By dipping the ends of hair into a variety of Crayola inspired colors, women everywhere were able to add a little bit of surprise to their everyday look.

me + red hair dip dye

photo by Blanca

Hair Chalk
Bright hues and pastels were all popular in 2012, but for people who didn’t want to commit for a month or two of purple hair, there was the Hair Chalk trend. Hair Chalk was wildly popular on DIY beauty blogs and sites like Pinterest and YouTube.

Milkmaid Braids
Milkmaid braids and other braided updos gave a flirty fun twist to any look, and women everywhere weren’t afraid to braid away. Braided looks made big statements in 2012, but nothing made an impact like the simple, yet intricate milkmaid braids.

The Sock Bun
The Sock Bun was everywhere in 2012; even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie were spotted sporting the easy and refined look. The beauty of the sock bun, aside from its easy styling, was that it gave the old messy bun and ponytail crowd something new and exciting that could be achieved with very little effort. It also gave no-heat styling purists a great way to get a head full of voluminous curls.


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What were your favorite hair trends of 2012? Tell us in the comments below!
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