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The Best Hair From New York Fashion Week: Spring 2013

The spring season is beginning to kick off, which means loads of fun, new  hairstyles and looks to play around with. Let’s take a sneak peak into the hair trends that turned heads on the runways.

Chic and Urban

Calvin Klein styled his models to reflect a modern and urban vibe that’s grown up, extremely chic and translates into a grungy and natural aesthetic. Hair isn’t over-styled or loaded with product, instead it is blow-dried with the fingers to achieve an unrefined and softly manageable texture.

To get the Calvin Klein look, prep your hair with volumizing mousse and draw a deep side part.  Blow dry your hair without a brush, and finger comb. When your hair is dry, apply hair powder and hairspray. To complete your look, lightly run a brush through your locks to play up the grunge effect.

Polished and Sleek

Ralph Lauren featured Gaucho-inspired looks for his Spring 2013 runway collection. To compliment the masculine inspirations, stylists created sleek and refined chignons that can be worn solo, or accessorized with hats.

To create your own polished chignon, create a clean center part and gather your hair into a low, tight ponytail. Mist your hair with a shine spray, and twist your ponytail into a knot and secure it with bobby pins. Finish your look with hairspray to tame flyaways.

Bed Head is Back


photo by Kim Piper Werker

Proenza Schouler’s runway looks featured messy and unkempt hair, with intentional creases. For this unkempt look, spritz your hair with water and tie a scarf around your neck. Tuck strands of your hair into the scarf, and diffuse your hair with a blow dryer. Remove the scarf and rub a finishing cream to your locks while picking out strands of hair, for a messy bed head look.

Colored Headscarves

Marc by Marc Jacobs is no stranger to color, and the Spring 2013 runway featured a lot of vibrant hues. Printed headscarves give a punch of color near the face, perfect for the spring season. To avoid color clashes, keep your skin simple with minimal blush and muted lips. Opt for smudged dark cream liner, for soft and smoky lids that set the perfect tone.

Youthful and Carefree

DKNY proved that relaxed and youthful was the tone of spring on their runway. To get a vibrant and easy going look of your own, sweep and tuck hair from a side part behind one ear. Coil strands of your hair into rope shapes, and mist with a beach spray. Heat hair with a diffuser for that California dreaming style.

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