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The 5 Most Romantic Hairstyles of All Time

Photo by Bellafaye

Beautiful hair has the ability to cast a spell, which is a definition of “romance.” Here are five of the most romantic styles ever:

#5 Relaxed Waves
Relaxed is good, as are waves; and there is such a thing as too straight.

wavy hair-diy pearl v-neck

photo by Maegan Tintari

#4 Wispy Knot
A knot in the back is nice, but not too tight. Let the wisps out a bit. It shows you care…but not too much.

#3 The Blowout
Blow dry long hair and let it flair out at the bottom using a brush. You’ll look windblown in a good way.

#2 Sidebun
The bun gets a bad rap; but if you shift it to the side, you can take it out of the schoolhouse and make it your own.

Side bun

photo by CreativeSideOfMe by Olya

#1 Jumbo Curls
If you can pull this off, it’s a winner. The word is curl, curl, curl, and more curl.

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Which style do you think is most romantic? Share your thoughts below.