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Study Finds that Men Prefer Women with Brown Hair

For all the femme fatales out there hoping to garner all the attention from the men with blonde hair, think again. A new study found that approximately only 30 percent of men prefer blondes. With red hair being the least favorite of men at 8 percent, that leaves an astounding 60 percent of men who adore the brown and black-haired beauties.

I don't think I could ever cut my hair.

Also noted in the study were eye color and body shape. While the ideal woman was one with brown hair and blue eyes, men also reportedly have an appreciation for the full-figure of an average or curvy woman, over that of a size 6 to 8.

What does this mean for millions of women out there? It means stop dieting to the point of starving, and go with the au natural look. Whether it be brown, blonde, red, black or multicolored hair, men prefer the natural look of real women. And while you can change your eye color with contacts, having self-confidence and being real with yourself will go much further than any fake look you try to achieve.

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