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Popular Hairstyles That Can Lead to Hair Loss

Think all haircuts are created equal? Think again. Some hair styles are just way, way cooler than others. Case and point, the girl below would not look as cool without her sweet dreadlocks.

76/365 Dreads!
Photo by vinni

But it turns out cool comes with a price. Dreadlocks are just one of three popular hairstyles that can lead to hair loss. If baldness runs in your family, you might want to avoid these.


As noted, dreadlocks are cool, but buyer beware. Indeed you should dread these if you’re worried about keeping your hair well past your rasta days.

Corn Rows

Like dreadlocks, cornrows can damage your hair and lead to baldness.


Watch out for weaves, which can also cause damage to your hair and result in permanent hair loss.

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