Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss

Restoring Hair Loss in Women Is Not as Hard as You Think

Hair loss impacts millions of women around the world, yet it remains a taboo topic that causes women to suffer in silence. It is attributed to a number of things, and, according to recent news articles “Hair loss is often linked to hormonal changes, commonly menopause.”

Many women who suffer from hair loss often do so later in life, especially between the ages of 30 to 70. This massive age gap when hair begins to thin is frightening for many women, but there are a number of things females can do to remedy their hair loss including receive a hair transplant.

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photo by Quinn Dombrowski

While hair transplants are often stereotyped as a male-dominated procedure, thousands of women undergo this procedure and come out with locks that bring confidence and happiness back into their lives. This procedure typically consists of removing hair from the back of the head where regrowth continues throughout life and placing it in a thinning or balding area. It is a simple procedure that can renew the look of hair and it lasts a lifetime.

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