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Postpartum Hair Loss: What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Many think of hair restoration as something for the middle-aged and older. Yet hair loss among women who have recently given birth is not that uncommon. Called postpartum hair loss, it’s a great thing to educate pregnant women about.

What It Is And What Causes It

Postpartum hair loss occurs when hair begins to shed, sometimes in clumps, three to six months after giving birth. The head normally loses about 100 hairs a day, though not at one time, so it’s barely noticeable. Pregnancy hormones prevent this from happening, which is why so many pregnant women have super-thick, lush tresses. After giving birth, hormones return to normal, which includes the shedding of hair.

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Panic Is Unnecessary

The shedding of hair during the first few months of your baby’s life is totally normal! Breastfeeding mothers are likely to hang onto their excess hair a little longer; however, it’s important to note that shedding does not mean you are going bald. Your hair should be back to normal by the time your little one reaches his or her first birthday.

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Hair Health Tips

There’s plenty you can do while your hair is shedding to keep it healthy:

    • Eat well and take prenatal vitamins to maintain hair health throughout pregnancy.
    • Take extra care of your locks while in shedding mode: Shampoo infrequently, use a rich conditioner, and use barrettes and scrunchies to keep hair off the face. Refrain from using rubber bands or pulling hair into tight updos.
    • Don’t use blowdryers, curling/flat irons, and any chemical-based treatments.
    • Talk to your practitioner if you feel hair loss is excessive.

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Remember: What you’re experiencing is completely normal! To learn more about hair restoration, please contact us today at 800-776-7775.