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Have Your Own Natural Hair Growing Back Again

Nuhart Hair Transplants is the only natural and permanent solution to hair loss. Tonics, laser treatments, and pills can only hide, slow down or stop hair loss. Hair transplantation is the only natural way to regrow your hair. It is your hair and it continues to grow for the rest of your life.

We are proud of the 25 years of hair restoration experience we bring to our clients. We have proven to be the leading choice for clients looking for innovative and successful hair transplant services. Having served over 30,000 clients since 1984, our professional staff knows the best and most effective techniques and procedures to ensure that every client receives a full head of hair with the natural look and feel they’ve always wanted.

No two heads of hair are exactly alike, so our expert team will consult and develop a customized treatment plan just for you. Scheduling a consultation is free and simple to do so contact us today.

Hair Transplants Aren’t Just For the Scalp Anymore

  • Facial Hair Transplants – Nu/Hart’s facial hair transplantation is designed to restore or increase hair to the beard, goatee, sideburn or mustache areas. We can provide a completely natural appearance, by matching the growth patterns of your existing hair and creating the smallest possible incisions to the recipient site.
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplants – Nu/Hart’s eyebrow hair transplantation is designed to increase or balance the eyebrow or to optimize the overall shape of the eyebrow.


NuHart took me back in time. I look younger and feel great.
Thanks NuHart!
- Joe M.
“The look is natural, the hairline is natural, and I was totally comfortable during the procedure. And with the follow up, Nu/Hart made sure i was taken care of.”
- Joann L.