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Our Favorite Hollywood Silver Foxes

Hollywood isn’t always kind to aging stars, but thanks to a recent influx of uber handsome grey haired men, Tinsel Town is taking a new approach toward the Silver Fox. Here’s our star-studded list of the men who are wearing grey like the super stars they are.

Anderson Cooper
This journalist and talk show host wears his white well. There’s no denying it, Anderson Cooper is on a lot of radars lately.


photo by Mollye Knox

Matt LeBlanc
The former Friends star once donned a jet-black hairstyle, but now he’s moved on to his natural color and we love it. Silver suits the actor and helps set him apart from his infamous Friends character.

Eric Dane
At only 40 this actor has had a successful career in both television and film and that hasn’t stopped him from letting his gray flag fly proudly.

John Slattery
His Mad Men fame can be attributed to a great character that owns a great look. Roger Sterling wouldn’t be Roger Sterling without that silver head of hair, and if it’s good enough for Joan Harris, it’s good enough for us.

George Clooney
Clooney’s a mega superstar and his salt and pepper locks have helped establish him as the handsome gent that America knows and loves him as.

George Clooney - TIFF 09'

photo by Courtney

Dermot Mulroney
Mulroney started his career with a dark brown mane, but has since made the move to salt to pepper. The change works in his favor and sets him apart from the other non-descript brunette men in Hollywood.


Who’s on your list for the most handsome silver fox in Hollywood? Tell us in the comments below!

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