Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss


August 18, 2009

Nu/Hart Hair Clinics, a world leader in hair restoration has expanded its New York operations by opening a larger, new office on prestigious Central Park South.

Following a ten year presence in New York on 58th Street and the Avenue of the Americas where Nu/Hart’s physicians performed thousands of hair restoration procedures on men and women concerned about their hair loss, Nu/Hart has moved into renovated, larger, expanded facilities with multiple procedure rooms, consultation suites, administrative offices and waiting areas for clients and their relatives.

The new office is conveniently located at 240 Central Park South, Suite 1P.

The Manhattan office is staffed by Dr. Glen Ross, an American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) certified physician who has performed over a thousand hair restoration procedures on both men and women.

According to Kathy Smith, President of Nu/Hart, “We are excited to expand our New York presence since the Manhattan office is our window to the world. The office attracts clients as well as business associates from all over the world including South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.”

Nu/Hart now has twelve surgical centers worldwide including New York, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Chicago, King of Prussia, London, Dubai, Manila, Mumbai, and Malaga, Spain.

Nu/Hart was established in Pittsburgh nearly 20 years ago and its doctors have a strong tradition of excellence in hair transplantation.

The doctors at Nu/Hart have collectively performed over 30,000 individual hair restoration procedures on clients from over 40 countries.

Hair transplantation is a proven, in-office, minor surgical procedure that takes a few hours and is performed at the New York office under local anesthesia. One can watch television, chat, and relax while having their session done. You can go home immediately following the procedure and recover at home for a couple of days.

Dr. Glen Ross in New York specializes in performing mega hair transplant sessions exceeding up to 3,000 grafts which produce great results, reducing the need for multiple sessions.

He performs both the conventional strip technique which facilitates larger sessions as well as the cutting edge Neografting technique based on the principle of follicular unit extraction which requires no linear incisions or stitches in the donor area.

The office and medical staff in New York speaks a number of languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Hindi, Urdu, and others.

The first step for someone interested in undergoing hair transplantation is to have a complimentary consultation at the Central Park South office. The Nu/Hart physician will determine the number of grafts you require. Each graft typically contains 1 to 3 hair follicles.

At Nu/Hart, hair transplantation is very affordable. Pricing depends upon the number of grafts you require. Financing is available including zero interest plans.

In order to schedule your free consultation, call 1-888-438-6842 or (212) 371 9260 or email