Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss

Expert commentary : Dr. Peter A. Dickinson

July 9, 2009


Hair restoration in some form has been around forever, starting with wigs and hair pieces, then to clumsy surgeries, and now to well refined techniques. With today’s highly improved surgical procedures and “artistry”, hair restoration surgery is impossible to detect. We are now capable of tightly packing several thousand one and two follicle hair grafts, harvested either via the more traditional strip method or our NeoGrafting method (follicular unit extraction), in a single, several hour session. The goal is to achieve a totally natural look with each session, enabling the initial procedure to “stand alone”.

Stem cell research is, and to some extent has been, underway for 20 years now, and while exciting, is still in the early stages. The basic idea is to be able to culture hair cells and multiply them into an unlimited supply of new hairs. If this could be perfected, it would be the cure for hair loss.

Likewise, Hair Multiplication has proven to be intriguing but is early in its development.

At Nu/Hart we have a patent in a hair multiplication process, but we do not think that the results are predictable enough for use. Currently all methods of tissue engineering and cell based hair transplantation are still in the developmental phases. So we are still 10 – 20 years off.

Pills and lotions are available but have proven to be marginally and temporarily effective at best, and at worst “patent medicines”.

The good news is that a hair transplant session, performed by competent, experienced, surgical hands, continues to be the ultimate solution for hair loss. The current methods of FUE and the strip method of extraction have been so refined that they remain very comfortable and undetectable procedures, offering natural results. Individual follicular units are densely packed into the thinning area, and up to thousands grafts can be transplanted in one visit.

Thanks to these two proven safe and effective methods, Nu/Hart has performed over 30,000 hair restoration procedures on clients from over 40 countries. Beyond our work in US cities such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, the success of our industry techniques has opened other opportunities on an international basis as well. Having heard the clarion call from hair loss clients worldwide, we’ve recently added London, England, Malaga, Spain, and Mumbai, India to an international list of cities that already includes Hong Kong, Manila, and Dubai.

Many clients ask us whether or not they should wait for these hair restoration innovations that loom on the horizon. I remind them of two things: that their current hair loss situation won’t wait around for the next and better method; and that our current technology is safe, natural, and genetically proven to work.

My suggestion is not to wait for stem cell hair transplants. Your own naturally growing hair can start now. You can call us for a free consultation at 1-888-833-1959.

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