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New Yorker’s Seek Duchess Style

It’s been a long time since a single hair obsession has hit America, but like “The Rachel” obsession of the 90’s, there’s a new style women are clamoring over. Women all over the country are racing to the salon to copy Kate Middleton’s glossy brunette waves. The Duchess of Cambridge recently unveiled a new hairstyle featuring bouncy waves and face-framing bangs, and her new look hasn’t gone unnoticed. Several of New York’s top hair salons have reported a high number of their clients requesting ‘Kate Middleton bangs ’. While the Duchess has reported being unsure about her new look, it hasn’t stopped the trendiest New Yorkers from demanding Middleton’s long, face-framing layers.

Royal Wedding of William & Kate 280

photo by Comrade Foot

Stylists say the new hairstyle compliments the 70’s inspired looks that went down during this year’s spring runways, and the centrally parted bangs flatter almost every face shape. It’s also a plus that the look is incredibly low maintenance. The low risk hairstyle is a great way to give your look a big impact change, without enduring any drastic cuts. As the bangs grow out, they blend in with the preexisting long layers. The long layers are incredibly versatile, and can be parted at the side of the face to create a dramatic part with hair swept across the forehead, or left classically parted down the center.  The bangs can also do a lot for the face. If cut properly, they can accentuate the cheekbones while drawing attention to the eyes.

Stylists urge women seeking the Duchess’s versatile new do to take caution when choosing the right stylist for this cut. If the bangs are executed poorly it will take weeks of waiting for the style to grow out.  If you’re curious about how to best maintain “Kate Middleton Bangs” here are a few tips to keep your royal inspired locks looking fabulous:

Skip the style if you have a square shaped face

Long face framing layers are particularly flattering on oval and round faces, but it can make a square face appear wider than it actually is.

Don’t overdo it with products

Layering too many serums and lotions will create flat, stringy and sometimes greasy looking bangs. Choose one lightweight product to help smooth your hair, without making it look lifeless and heavy.

Create volume while you blow dry your locks

Use a fine-tooth comb to pull your bangs away from your face while you blow dry to create volume at the root. To polish the ends of your hair, run a flat iron over the ends.

Draw attention to your eyes

This style of bangs calls attention straight to your eyes. Experiment with bold liners or smoky eyes to find look you’re most comfortable with.

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