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New York Hair Icon of the Month: Carrie Bradshaw

Who doesn’t love Sex and the City and its leading lady, Carrie Bradshaw? More specifically, who doesn’t love her hair? Whether it’s as a young woman in The Carrie Diaries or an independent, successful woman in Sex and the City, her hairstyle always looks effortlessly perfect.

Sex And The City 2 iPad Wallpaper

photo by xploitme

And while her style has clearly changed over the years, she still has a look that’s all her own — but one that’s also easy for others to share and imitate.

From loose and free-flowing to braids to topknots, Carrie Bradshaw’s New York look is one anyone can have. For assistance with any of your hair-related needs, or if you’re looking for more information on hair transplants in New York, contact us today at 800 776 7775.