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Nu/Hart NeoGrafting

(FUE / Follicular Unit Extraction)

A special advancement in the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is Nu/Hart’s NeoGrafting procedure. NeoGrafting is where individual follicular units are strategically harvested directly from the donor area by scoring the skin, and then the units are gently and individually extracted from within the scored circle. The follicular units are then immediately transplanted into the thinning and balding area.


FUE Patient Before


FUE Patient Recipient Area. Immediately After Surgery

The NeoGrafting hair transplant process offers a procedure with no linear scar, no stitches, no bandages, and faster healing time.

Plus, if multiple sessions are needed, they can be done within weeks of each other. (The time between traditional linear sessions is usually 6 months.) The result in NeoGrafting is a faster healing time and less disruption to your busy schedule.

Nu/Hart NeoGrafting will give you the latest techniques in hair transplantation and the most natural head of hair. Each client needs a full consultation to determine if they are a perfect candidate for this type of hair transplant surgery.


FUE Patient Transplanted
Area 3 Months After


FUE Patient Donor
Area 3 Months Later
Immediately After Surgery

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Benefits of NeoGrafting