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NeoGrafting: A New Standard in Hair Transplants

For many people, a hair transplant is a life changing experience. Transplanting new hair can make you look younger, cover scars or give you a completely new look. A new technology in hair transplants, NeoGrafting, now makes hair transplants easier and more aesthetically pleasing while reducing scarring in the area of your scalp that donated the hair.

In a traditional modern hair transplant, your doctor removes a small strip, or strips, of follicles, typically from the back of your scalp. He can then split the strip of follicles into smaller blocks for transplantation, giving you a natural look. However, the donor area ends up with a long, linear scar that is closed with stitches and must be bandaged. While your hair will gradually grow back to cover the scar, if you ever cut your hair short, the scar could be visible. This can limit your styling options and your ability to enjoy your new hair.

NeoGrafting eliminates the strip-extraction process. This procedure, also referred to as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), allows the doctor to extract single follicular units, which consist of anywhere from one to four hairs. Each separate unit then gets transplanted. This extraction practice has significant benefits, since it does not require making long incisions.

Since NeoGrafting does not require your doctor to take hair follicles in blocks, he can choose the best follicles to transplant. In addition, since he is making small incisions that are just a couple of millimeters deep and gently removing the follicles, your scalp will not be scarred, and will heal much more quickly. These lead to better transplants with less interruption of your life.

The lack of a large scar is a major advance. For people whose scalps are not elastic enough to be stretched over a traditional strip extraction, NeoGrafting may be the only viable transplant technology. For everyone else, the lack of large scars lets you style your hair however you want without having to hide your scalp. In fact, the NeoGrafts should be virtually undetectable by anyone other than your doctor or hairstylist.

Today’s NeoGrafting makes hair transplants both aesthetically and medically viable for just about everyone. If you would like to fill in your hairline but do not want to go through long healing periods and be left with scars, NeoGrafting is the right transplant technology for you.

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