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Natural Remedies for Preventing Hair Loss

Going bald can be traumatic for some, especially if you are an advocate for keeping your hair naturally. Well, turns out naturopaths (those that practice alternative medicine techniques like vitalism) have some ideas for “natural” ways to grow back your priceless locks.

Coconut (halved)

Coconut Milk

Just rub some coconut milk into your head and you are good to go.


Honey is another natural, albeit sticky, remedy for baldness.

Black Pepper

Some believe that black pepper has the ability to bring hair back to the top of your head.

Lime Juice

Combine lime juice and coconut oil to make a mix that will help bring more circulation to hair follicles.

Looking for a surefire way to prevent hair loss? Get a hair transplant in New York. And leave us a comment: What’s your favorite home remedy for hair loss?

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Main photo by Chandrika Nair