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Long, Luscious Locks Still Look Great on Older Celebs

Growing out your hair is no longer just something people did in their 20s and 30s. Nowadays, older folks everywhere are growing out their luscious locks. Even celebrities who are over 40 are letting their wild manes grow free! And they’re proud of it!

photo credit: mimosveta via photopin cc

Julianne Moore, for example, has had long red hair since the day she was born. And at 51 years old, she still wears it past her shoulders and it looks great!

photo credit: Alan Light via photopin cc

Another older celebrity with long hair is Jane Seymour. She’s 61 and has rocked long locks since her days as a Bond girl and later as Dr.Quinn medicine woman. Although it’s easier to spot female celebrities with long hair, just as many male celebrities are growing out their manes too!

photo credit: cliff1066™ via photopin cc

Johnny Depp, 49, is one male celebrity who has always been known for his long and mysterious hair. From Edward Scissorhands to Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp’s hair has always been shoulder-length.

photo credit: Ammar Abd Rabbo via photopin cc

And last but not least, Brad Pitt. At 48 years old, he still wears his hair long and looks absolutely fantastic!

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