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Hair loss is an unpleasant fact of life for the four in five men who will lose at least some of their hair by the age of 70. However, there could soon be a permanent cure for hair loss within the next two years. Researchers at Pennsylvania University examined over 250 genes implicated in hair  [ Read More ]


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  • Hair Loss is Extremely Common

    For men that feel like they are alone in their struggles with hair loss, think again. Hair loss is actually an extremely common occurrence that impacts millions of men. Millions of people around the world are losing their hair and it is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. But if you are seeking a solution  [ Read More ]


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  • Get Thicker Hair Back — and the Confidence You Deserve

    Believe it or not, there IS a dog in there. Not everyone keeps a full head of hair.  For some people, aging leads to hair loss.  For others, it’s purely genetic.  You don’t have to live with it, though.  If you’re considering hair restoration, you’re on the right path!  It’s natural, safe, and permanent. Contact  [ Read More ]


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  • Bad Hair Day: Hipsters

    Over the past few years it seems that hipsters have grown in numbers across the country. And with a rise in hipsters comes a boost in leather jackets and odd hairstyles. Some hipster haircuts look cute and innovative, while others look like a dead skunk on top of their heads. The hipster hairstyle is in  [ Read More ]


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    Philadelphia’s Top Hair Transplant Provider

    Ziering Nu/Hart Hair Clinic offers clients trusted and secure hair loss solutions in a state of the art, technologically advanced medical facility. At Ziering Nu/Hart we aim to deliver our clients the best and most comprehensive hair restoration services available. This includes offering a wide variety of appointment availability to accommodate every client’s needs.
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    Clients who choose Ziering Nu/Hart can rest easy knowing their receiving the pinnacle of services from our highly skilled and experienced medical team. Ziering Nu/Hart doctors have performed more than 30,000 successful procedures to happy clients all around the world. Our talented team knows how to restore your hair safely, discreetly, and effectively. We pride ourselves on having the ability to help you win back the confidence you’ve lost as a result of untimely hair loss.
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    As a Nu/Hart client, you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of hair restoration procedures specially designed with your needs in mind. We want you to have a full head of natural looking hair and we achieve this by using cutting edge technology that utilizes your own hair for optimum success.

    Our experienced and friendly staff at the Ziering Nu/Hart is here to make your hair transplant surgery as easy as possible. All of our professionals are expertly trained in every aspect of meeting your individual needs. We’d love to help you find the best solutions for your balding or thinning hair, and we look forward to helping you feel like yourself again.

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