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At Nu/Hart we offer clients over 25 years of low cost hair transplant services. Our talented clinical staff has grown over the decades, and our facility’s dedication to perfection continues to set the standard for the latest and best in hair transplantation procedures. Our skilled surgeon, Dr. Mark Boles is an American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery certified physician and has performed over 3,500 successful hair transplant procedures. As an experienced and highly skilled doctor, he is a leading authority in specialized techniques including micro and mini grafting.

5NuHart took me back in time. I look younger and feel great. Thanks NuHart!

Joe M.

At Nu/Hart we combine state-of-the-art techniques and a wealth of personal expertise to ensure that your restoration procedure delivers a natural, effortless look. Our patented follicular multiplication method affords clients a uniquely low cost hair transplant handled at our in-office clinic at times that fit into your busy schedule. At Nu/Hart we eliminate the need for inconvenient repeat procedures and scheduling hassles by offering a permanent solution that works.

“The look is natural, the hairline is natural, and I was totally comfortable during the procedure. And with the follow up, Nu/Hart made sure I was taken care of.”

Joann L.

With Nu/Hart Hair Transplants, clients enjoy a natural and permanent solution to thinning and balding at prices they can afford, with the latest techniques in micro hair grafting. We offer clients a safe and easy process to look years younger and feel more confident. Let our professional staff assist you in getting the natural full head of hair you want and deserve.

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