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Hair loss is an unpleasant fact of life for the four in five men who will lose at least some of their hair by the age of 70. However, there could soon be a permanent cure for hair loss within the next two years. Researchers at Pennsylvania University examined over 250 genes implicated in hair  [ Read More ]


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  • Hair Loss is Extremely Common

    For men that feel like they are alone in their struggles with hair loss, think again. Hair loss is actually an extremely common occurrence that impacts millions of men. Millions of people around the world are losing their hair and it is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. But if you are seeking a solution  [ Read More ]


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  • Get Thicker Hair Back — and the Confidence You Deserve

    Believe it or not, there IS a dog in there. Not everyone keeps a full head of hair.  For some people, aging leads to hair loss.  For others, it’s purely genetic.  You don’t have to live with it, though.  If you’re considering hair restoration, you’re on the right path!  It’s natural, safe, and permanent. Contact  [ Read More ]


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  • Bad Hair Day: Hipsters

    Over the past few years it seems that hipsters have grown in numbers across the country. And with a rise in hipsters comes a boost in leather jackets and odd hairstyles. Some hipster haircuts look cute and innovative, while others look like a dead skunk on top of their heads. The hipster hairstyle is in  [ Read More ]


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    Mumbai’s Leading Hair Transplant Provider

    Nu/Hart Hair Clinics is the world’s leader in hair restoration techniques and services. Nu/Hart has been dedicated to performing hair transplantation for nearly 25 years and our physicians have performed over 30,000 individual procedures on clients from over 40 countries including numerous Indian clients.

    Nu/Hart offers both the conventional strip method as well as the minimally invasive, no stitch Neografting technique, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Our exceptionally qualified, American trained physician will help you find the right solution to end your hair loss. Our doctors are very familiar with the hair loss patterns, needs, and treatment options for Indian men and women with hair loss so clients can rest easy knowing they’ll be able to achieve the natural look and feel they want.

    hair transplantation

    Hair transplant procedures are performed in-office in the privacy of our comfortable and state of the art medical office. Nu/Hart clients receive expert care and services from our highly trained and talented staff without the hassle and discomfort of a hospital or surgery center.

    Our talented medical team of nurses, medical consultants and technicians look forward to showing you a natural and permanent solution to thinning and balding with the latest techniques in low cost services.

    hair transplant

    With Nu/Hart’s easy and affordable process clients look years younger and feel more vibrant after our simple in-office procedure. Many clients find they quickly regain the confidence in their lives they deserve.

    Nu/Hart Mumbai

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    Subhash Road, A.
    Vile Parle East
    Mumbai 400057

    Landline +91-22-65353565
    Mobile +91-9699828006 


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