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Pittsburgh Hair Loss Treatment

Battling Baldness? Pittsburgh Hair Loss Treatment Can Help

Have you noticed your hair thinning out or a growing bald spot? Hair loss can be a devastating blow to self-esteem for both men and women; but you don’t have to simply resign yourself to losing your locks. Hair loss treatment in Pittsburgh is the all-natural, permanent solution.

At Ziering Nu/Hart, we offer safe but effective hair restoration in Pittsburgh so you can stop your hair loss in its tracks. While some clinics offer methods that have not even been proven effective, we only offer those that are known to give healthy, positive, long-lasting results.


In our 25-year history, we’ve developed a long track record of successfully helping our patients stop and reverse hair loss so they can restore their confidence and self-esteem. Some of these procedures include:

  • Hair transplantation, which involves transplanting healthy hair follicles from thicker-hair areas into thinning or balding areas
  • Laser hair restoration–the use of cold lasers to prevent or even reverse hair loss
  • Hair systems, such as Rogaine and Propecia
  • Vitamin and herbal treatment programs, which can help stop hair loss and keep the hair you have as healthy as possible

No one treatment program is right for everyone, which is why we take the time to find out your unique needs and develop a program to cater to you.
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