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Hair Loss Treatment

Ziering Nu/Hart: Your New York Hair Loss Treatment Center


Losing your hair and searching for the right place to do something about it? Consider your search over. Ziering Nu/Hart is the ultimate hair loss treatment center in New York, offering clients the only real solution to thinning hair and baldness.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Forget covering bald spots with wigs and hats, or using miracle pills that guarantee overnight success. This is the only hair restoration in New York that is a completely natural solution. It involves removing hair from donor areas, such as the backs and sides of the head, and placing it on bald and thinning areas. Hair from donor areas is genetically programmed to regrow for the rest of your life, making hair transplantation a permanent solution that does not require additional maintenance.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplants

Factors affecting hair transplants include the following:

  • The current stage of thinning and balding hair
  • Number and size of follicular units used
  • Patient’s hair density requirements
  • Patient’s characteristics, such as hair texture, color, and wave, as well as skin-to-hair contrast
  • Patient’s expectations

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