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Female Hair Transplants

Ziering Nu/Hart Performs Female Hair Transplants in Chicago

Female pattern baldness is very common and can be emotionally traumatic. Some women will notice their hair thinning as early as their 20s. The patterns of female hair loss are not as easy to recognize as they are in men, making it a less commonly addressed issue. In actuality, female hair loss can be a temporary condition–due to medications or pregnancy, for example–or a permanent condition. Fortunately, the Ziering Nu/Hart facility offers top-of-the-line Chicago female hair transplants.


The look is natural, the hairline is natural, and I was totally comfortable during the procedure. And with the follow up, Nu/Hart made sure i was taken care of.

Joann L.

Our expert and professional staff is trained and certified in the latest techniques and technologies to ensure you will be happy with the results of your hair transplant. Our Chicago female hair transplant procedure is a simple in-house procedure in which hair from the back and sides of the head is removed and transplanted to the areas of the scalp experiencing thinning. This transplanted hair is genetically programmed to continue growing, making hair transplantation the only natural and permanent solution to hair loss.

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