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Laser Hair Therapy (available in the U.S.)

Beach_Smile-200x300 Nu/Hart Hair Clinics is extremely excited to be able to now offer Low Level Laser Therapy, an FDA approved breakthrough for hair loss and expediting growth after a hair transplant procedure. This groundbreaking technology provides a valuable service to our U.S. clients.

What is Low Level Laser Tek 12000 Therapy?

Why Nu/Hart Hair Clinics is now utilizing Laser Tek 12000 Therapy?


More About Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair therapy is the latest advancement in hair restoration. It’s a safe, effective way to improve the overall quality of your hair. If you have thinning hair or are balding, laser hair therapy may help you stop your hair loss and can strengthen damaged, weak hair shafts. Laser hair therapy can be an effective stand-alone treatment for hair loss, or it may be used after a transplant procedure in order to gain optimal results. It provides light energy to the scalp, which may make the hair look and feel healthier, fuller, and thicker. Laser Hair Therapy accomplishes this by utilizing a cool laser that is perfectly save and approved by the FDA as a class IIIA cosmetic device.

Results vary from client to client. Individual sessions last 20 minutes. The laser light is cool to the touch and does not contain the thermal component to cut or vaporize tissue. Clients say they don’t feel any sensation from the laser light. The program length can vary, starting at two months. Hair loss may begin to subside in clients in anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. In some cases, clients may see noticeable improvement within the first six months. Most everyone sees positive results from treatment as long as they have hair to work with.

Pricing and treatment schedules will be determined after consultation. To suit the needs of every client, Nu/Hart offers a variety of Laser Hair Therapy packages, including: Sample Program (two months), Starter Program (four months), Standard Program (six months), and a more intensive Advanced Program (12 months).

Once you have achieved your desired results, we recommend a maintenance program. In order to keep the results you have achieved, we recommend one to two laser hair therapy sessions a month. Of course, using a laser hair comb at home a couple of times a week may help the hair growth process.

Research Indicates That…



1. Energization
Transforming laser energy into cellular energy. Laser light increases the energy available to cells so they take in nutrients faster and gets rid of waste products. Not surprisingly, many scientists and physicians have been using low-level laser over the past 30 years to speed wound healing and produce new tissue.

2. Circulation
Increasing blood and lymph circulation through vasodilatations. Microscopic studies have shown laser increases circulation and oxygen to the blood, to the scalp, and hair bulb. Laser also removes calcification and blockages, as well as increases cell replacement or regenerative activity. Laser helps hair to improve in fullness, shine, body, and elasticity, therefore problems such as excessively oily or dry scalp, dandruff and itchiness can also be reduced.

3. Vibration
Bringing cells into harmonious oscillation patterns. The soft tissue and fluids in our bodies actually vibrate. They do this within a frequency range similar to cold-beam, red-light laser. When its vibrations become irregular or out-of-step, it can be brought back into “synchronization” by being irradiated with low level laser working at quantum level.