Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss

Is an Eyebrow Transplant Right for Me?

Hair transplant technology has advanced greatly over the years. What was once an imperfect procedure done to restore lost hair on men’s scalps, today’s hair transplants allow for very fine control and for artistic placement down to the individual follicle. Because of this, a new type of hair transplant has emerged — the eyebrow transplant.

People’s eyebrows experience hair loss for a number of reasons. Some simply over-pluck their eyebrows and end up with hair that does not grow back. Others can lose their eyebrow hair due to some of trauma, like a severe burn, or other accident. Certain conditions related to a patient’s hormonal balance or to their thyroid function can also cause eyebrow hair loss. Finally, some patients are just genetically predisposed to losing their eyebrows.

If you are losing your eyebrows and would like your face to maintain its natural appearance, an eyebrow transplant is an excellent option. It uses your own hair, taken from the back of your scalp, to re-fill your eyebrows with healthy, growing hair follicles.

In an eyebrow hair transplant procedure, the doctor will typically use an oral drug to sedate you. He or she will extract hair follicles from the back of your scalp and then place them, one at a time into your eyebrows, maintaining a natural appearance. While the number of follicles to be placed will vary depending on how much you need to fill, you can expect to have anywhere from 50 to 325 follicles placed in each of your eyebrows.

The process typically takes two hours and is usually painless with an easy healing process. For the first week after the transplant, you will see each transplanted follicle form a small crust, and then lose that crust. The remaining skin will be pink, but should fade to your normal skin color within seven days from the procedure. After a week, the doctor will remove the stitches  used to close the area of your scalp that provided the hair. After two weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out, and then new, permanent, hair will begin to grow.

Caring for post-transplant eyebrows is relatively easy with one exception. Since the transplanted hairs come from the scalp, they grow like scalp hairs. As such, transplanted eyebrows will require trimming, just like the hairs from the back of your scalp do. Other than that, the new hair is completely natural and 100 percent yours.

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