Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss

How to Choose a Hair Restoration Surgeon

When you first meet people, your face is the first part of you they see, and that includes your hairline. Hair restoration procedures give you a permanent solution to thinning or balding problems. However, not all hair restoration surgeons are equal in their training and talent. Your confidence in your appearance is too important to leave to chance; it’s worth doing your research before you decide. Choose an experienced specialist who understands how to combine art and science for the most successful, natural hair restoration available.

Hair Restoration Consultations

A professional hair restoration clinic that specializes in hair transplants will typically arrange a consultation first. Reputable clinics have no need to hurry your decision or press you into a procedure before you’ve learned the facts. They also welcome your questions and devote enough time to your consultation to give you an accurate picture of the results you might expect.

During your consultation, ask about before and after hair transplant pictures if you saw none in the waiting room. A thriving clinic with expert surgeons will have many satisfied clients who are proud to show their newly full heads of hair in before and after pictures.

Ask your prospective hair restoration clinic about the surgeon’s expertise. Although hair transplants are now an in-office procedure, they still require a skilled surgeon. You have a right to learn about the surgeon’s education and training. A hair transplant surgeon who has performed thousands of procedures is typically a better choice than one who has performed dozens.

Hair Restoration Procedures

Hair transplantation takes hair from one part of your skin, commonly referred to as the “donor area”, to other areas. The grafts containing the hair follicles become part of their new neighborhood, but retain their own growth habits. Older grafting methods used larger plugs of skin and hair follicles in linear patterns along the hairline, resulting in an unnatural, wig-like look.

Some hair restoration surgeons still use these outdated technologies, but modern hair transplant techniques involve smaller groups of hair follicles placed in a more natural distribution throughout the balding or thinning area. Ask about the size of the grafts your surgeon intends to use; smaller follicular units near the hairline will give you a considerably more natural result.


A top-quality clinic will typically have a wide range of prices based on your specific hair restoration needs instead of a flat rate. Many thriving clinics offer payments over time, something that a less established clinic may be reticent to do. Free consultations are another courtesy that a well-run clinic typically extends to prospective clients.

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