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How Many Hair Transplant Sessions are Needed?

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For most people, hair loss is almost inevitable with age. While hair can begin thinning when you’re a young adult, it may not occur until later in life if you’re lucky. But, whether you welcome it or not, eventually your hairline will recede and you’ll most likely experience some form of baldness due to genetics and stress and hormone levels.

You could try one of the many hair regrowth serums found at most pharmacies and grocery stores. But they don’t work for everyone and the results will reverse themselves as soon as you quit using the product.Pittsburgh Hair Restoration

Or, you could opt for a hair transplant, which removes hair follicles from your donor area where hair is genetically programmed to grow for the rest of your life and implant them into your thinning and balding area.

If you decide on this effective treatment, though, you may be wondering how many grafts or procedures it’ll take to have a healthy, full looking head of hair again.

There are many factors that will determine the results of a hair transplant:

How many grafts you need can be easily be answered during an initial consultation with a certified hair transplant professional. In your confidential consultation an experienced physician will be able to assess your donor area, your thinning and balding area, and all the other factors that affect a hair transplant.

After a consultation, it can be determined exactly how many hair grafts will be needed and what result your can expect.  Each hair transplant session will generate a natural improvement. Some people elect to get a second or even a third session but often only one session can meet your expectations.

To see if you’re a perfect candidate for hair transplantation – and to find out exactly how many grafts or sessions your might need to have a healthy, full looking head of hair again – schedule a consultation with a NuHart hair restoration expert today.