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High Brow: What Your Eyebrows Say About You

The main function of eyebrows is to block sweat and other debris from getting into the eyes, but another objective of those hairy eye mustaches is to convey facial expressions. Eyebrows say a lot about a person, whether they are raised in surprise or drawn on with a marker. Here are five different eyebrow styles and what they say about the people who possess them.

bushy eyebrows

photo credit: HAMED MASOUMI via photo pin cc

1. Bushy Eyebrows

Popularized by celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney, bushy eyebrows feature a mess of hair above the eyelid and are often long and uneven. Thick eyebrows make the eyes appear bigger, often leading to a higher amount of attention to eye color and pupil size. Bushy eyebrows tell people that you are both confident and strong, but also that you keep things close to the vest and are a master at playing it cool.

Leonardo DiCaprio with his signature bushy eyebrows
Photo by Neo_ii

2. Thin Eyebrows

While some people are naturally blessed with thin, shapely eyebrows, the majority of people that have them must maintain a regimen to keep their appearance consistent. Plucking, waxing or cutting eyebrows keeps the hair from looking unkempt, and offer a wider range of facial expressions than if not cared for. Thin eyebrows tell the world that you care about how you look and that people should pay attention to your trendsetting style.

thin eyebrows
Photo by Timo Kohlenberg

3. Unibrow

Traditionally considered a fashion faux pas, unibrows have become a recent stylistic statement thanks to future NBA star Anthony Davis. In some countries, unibrows are considered a sign of beauty, while in America they are not usually seen due to their cartoonish appearance. Possessing a unibrow tells people that you are courageous, self-assured and like to have a good time.

anthony davis unibrow
Photo by BasketballElite

4. Pierced Eyebrow

A fashion statement originating in the punk scene of the 1970’s, eyebrow piercings are an expressive declaration of individuality. Although painful, eyebrow piercings continue to be a popular trend in countercultures around the country. A pierced eyebrow tells people that you are not going to play by anyone’s rules, and that you are different from everyone else. It also may scare off potential employers who are not as “hip” as you are.

pierced eyebrow
Photo by Marc Roberts

5. Drawn On Eyebrows

Some men don’t feel comfortable with the hair above their eyes and opt for drawing on eyebrows themselves. Used as an aid to thinning eyebrows, or as a substitute for no hair above the eyes, drawn on eyebrows offer the most possibilities for customization. Drawn on eyebrows communicate to others that you are in control of your style, and that you don’t like being conformed to one look for very long.

drawn on eyebrow
Photo by Eileen Braybrook


Eyebrows come in different shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of stylistic choices. Choosing the proper eyebrow look can enhance your facial expressions and boost your overall appearance.

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