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Has the Fake Mustache Trend Gone Too Far?

fake moustache

Something happened to the mustache in the 00s. It became so ironic to sport one, that the irony morphed into acceptability and cliché, which in turn morphed back into irony and then back into a kind of post-ironic neo-cliché. Surely this must have something to do with Portland, Brooklyn, and other hipster meccas. We don’t pretend to understand it, but we can document it to help you do your part to eradicate this pretentious scourge. Because as we know, a mustache is just a mustache, be it ironic or not.

Remember, only you can stop the ironic appropriation of mustache-imagery. Nothing can compensate for growing your own mustache. For more information on hair growth, or to find hair transplants in New York, contact NuHart at 800-776-7775.

What do you think of the fake mustache trend? Share your thoughts below.

Main photo by: Bre Pettis