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Hair Science (Special St Patty’s Day Post!): Are Redheads More Sensitive?

With Saint Patrick’s Day upon us, we don our finest green apparel and hope to look like the Irish lassies and lads of this great country — red hair and all. But does being a redhead mean being more sensitive than the rest of us?

According to Psychology Today, this is true. Redheads actually have what has been deemed a “redhead gene” making them more susceptible to pain as well as easier bruising and becoming colder quicker than those who do not sport the natural fire head look.


photo by Quinn Dombrowski

New research apparently has found that redheads carry a gene, known as pheomelanin, which is the “same gene is involved in the body’s perception of pain.” If the luck of the Irish is going to tell us anything, it’s that redheads may not have the luck of the draw when it comes to healing and staying warm; but while redheads are naturally more likely to be sensitive to pain, bruising and cold, everyone is susceptible to hair loss.

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