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Hair Loss & Self Esteem

People often view their hair as an extension of themselves. Our hair is part of who we are, its color, the way we style it, its versatility, these are all aspects of hair that we use to individualize ourselves. Hair loss can have a profound effect on the self-esteem of the hair loss sufferer and can lead to problems with their psychological and emotional health. Dealing with the side effects of hair loss can sometimes prove to be consuming and difficult. Many hair loss sufferers turn to psychological help or medical treatment by way of hair transplant procedures.

One of the major side effects of untimely hair loss is the loss of self-esteem. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery reports that women in particular, tend to invest more emotional stock in their appearance and thus suffer a significant loss of self-esteem when they lose their hair. Women place a high value on societal expectations as well as their appearance and the loss of their hair can lead to the inability to effectively perform daily activities or participate in social situations they once enjoyed.

It is not uncommon to experience strong emotional reactions in the event of losing one’s hair. The unexpected loss of hair can lead to negative emotions like sadness, embarrassment, shame, or failure. In the event of these debilitating emotional reactions it is commonly suggested that people seek hair loss treatment to resolve the issue. No one should have to suffer the negative emotions associated with hair loss. Hair rejuvenation can help hair loss sufferers regain a positive outlook on life and reclaim the self-esteem and confidence they’ve lost.

Many hair loss sufferers who undergo hair loss treatments report an almost immediate return of their confidence and self-esteem following their new hair procedure. By choosing the best solution hair loss sufferers can receive innovative, low cost treatments that result in a permanent, full head of natural looking and feeling hair.

The best news for people with balding or thinning hair is that hair transplantation procedures are now more advanced and more affordable than ever. Hair loss sufferers don’t have to deal with the social and emotional pain of thinning or balding hair any more. With low cost services clients can now have the hair they want at a price they can afford.

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