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Get Hair Like a New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader

The New York Jets Flight Crew made it’s debut with a small 10-member squad in 2007. Since their debut season the Flight Crew has risen in numbers and Jets fans couldn’t be more pleased with the growth of their favorite teams cheerleading squad. As the popularity and success of the squad continue to grow so does the desire to be on a flight crew. Hundreds of young talented girls turn up each year to audition for a coveted spot on the Flight Crew.

The allure of the New York Jets Flight Crew cheerleader is a strong one. The girls are young and gorgeous and incredibly talented. NFL cheerleaders are the pictures of vibrant youth, but it comes at a price. Grueling auditions and hectic work and travel schedules can make it a less than ideal career option for many women.

If you love the New York Jets Flight Crew look, but aren’t interested in high kicks and halftime cheers you can still get their flawless bouncy and voluminous hair. We’ve got some tips to get you game day ready.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Opt for volumizing versions of your favorite shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically tailored to your hair type. So whether your hair is thick and curly or fine and straight or colored you’re getting the best possible solution. When you shampoo your locks, focus on the roots. The shampoo will naturally rinse and clean through the rest of your hair. When you apply conditioner, focus on the root section of your hair to avoid weighing down your hair at the roots and reducing your hairs volume potential.

Hair flick

photo by Luciano Consolini

Blow-dry your hair upside down. Hang your head upside down while you blow-dry to help add extra volume at the root. Before flipping your damp hair and blow-drying, work in a volumizing mousse or root lifting spray.

Take advantage of your blow-dryers concentrator attachment. The extra little attachments can make a big difference in the volume potential of your hair. Without a concentrator, the air from your blow-dryer will blow in rogue directions and you end up spending a lot of time flipping your ends around without actually lifting the roots.

Loosely roll your hair. Soft, sexy waves get loads of added volume when you use a round brush and pin curl clips. While you blow-dry your hair, wrap small sections of your hair around the brush and release the tension and pull out the brush. Clip your loose curl into place and continue on to the rest of your hair. When it’s all rolled and clipped, allow your hair to cool and then remove the clips. Shake out your hair and gently run your fingers through the waves to loosen the curls.

There you have it! Super sexy, New York Jets Flight Crew style curls that are perfect for any occasion. Do you have any volumizing tips that weren’t mentioned in this article? Tell us in the comments section.

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