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Many women experience female pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness and thinning involves a typical pattern of hair loss and can be caused by hormonal changes, aging, and genetic factors. Women place a high value of importance on the societal pressures of looking beautiful and maintaining a well-kept appearance. The loss of hair for a woman can be devastating and lead to depression and a decrease in normal social activities a woman once enjoyed.

As hair grows from its follicle it grows at an average rate of about a half an inch each month. Each hair will grow for two to six years, rest, and then fall out. A new hair will then begin to grow in its place. Baldness and thinning occur when the hair falls out and new hair fails to grow in its place. Female pattern baldness is not completely understood, but the causes are believed to be related to:

  • Aging
  • Changes in the levels of the male hormone androgen, which can be caused by menopause when many women experience thinner hair on the heads and coarser hair on their faces.
  • Genetic traits of female and/or male pattern baldness.

Hair loss also occurs in women for reasons outside of female pattern baldness and include severe hair breakage from hair treatments involving harsh twisting or pulling of the hair. Certain skin diseases and issues can also lead to scarring of the hair follicles. Hormone problems, thyroid disorders, and certain autoimmune diseases can also lead to hair loss. The body is extremely sensitive to changes and imbalances in iron levels and vitamin B can also lead to hair loss, especially in the case of women.

Hair loss in women differs widely from hair loss in men. Female pattern baldness is usually characterized by thinning hair mainly concentrated on the top of the crown of the scalp. The front hairline rarely changes and the hair loss rarely progresses to total or near total baldness like it does in men.

Hair loss caused by female pattern baldness is permanent and in most cases the hair loss can be classified as mild to moderate. If women feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their hair loss there are several low cost hair transplant and hair restoration procedures available to help them regain their hair and the confidence they’ve lost through the hair loss process.

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