Hair Transplants
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What is the difference between the traditional Strip Method and NeoGrafting or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

The Nu/Hart Rapid Results process uses a strip method of extraction. This linear strip method of grafting (the more traditional method) involves the removal of a thin strip of tissue from which follicular units can be taken and transplanted into the thinning and balding area. The extracted follicular units may be used intact, or may be divided into smaller units for transplantation.

Nu/Hart’s NeoGrafting is a special advancement in the technique of follicular unit extraction (FUE), where individual follicular units are harvested directly from the donor area by scoring the skin and mid-dermis to a level of about two millimeters around a follicular unit, then gently extracting the unit from within the scored circle. This is achieved without the need for a linear incision. In this hair restoration procedure, there are no stitches, no linear scar, and , in some cases, and immediate healing.