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Facial Hair Transplantation

Facial Hair Transplantation

beardNu/Hart’s Facial Hair Transplantation is designed to restore or increase hair to the beard, goatee, sideburn, and mustache areas. Commonly, the absence of hair in these areas is due to genetics, prior electrolysis, laser hair removal, surgery, burns, scarring, or other types of accidents.

The donor hairs come from the scalp or other body hair, which is identical in texture and growth to that of the beard and mustache hairs. Once transplanted, these hairs are permanent and need to be shaved (if desired) just like the other hairs.

To provide a completely natural appearance, the hairs are transplanted in natural follicular units and inserted in the direction of facial hair growth. Nu/Hart’s expert hair transplant physicians all understand the critical importance of using the smallest possible incisions in the recipient site. They are also mindful of the careful, aesthetic distribution of any existing gray hairs into the treatment area.

Filling in the blank areas or spaces in a beard helps to connect the beard and mustache, giving the face the balance and symmetry necessary for an attractive appearance. For more information on New York hair transplant services, give us a call at 888.438.6842.