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Eyebrow Transplantation

Nu/Hart Eyebrow Transplantation has become very popular because one’s eyebrows generally determine the balance and general appearance of the face. Missing, asymmetric, or shapeless eyebrows often convey a disjointed or jarring facial appearance. People who have completely lost all of their eyebrows from some type of trauma (disease, alopecia areata, burns, tattoos, infections, repeated plucking, or congenital inability) can receive a full eyebrow restoration. Nu/Hart’s partial eyebrow treatments are generally for cosmetic reasons to create thicker or enhanced brows, cover a scar in the brow, or correct uneven eyebrows.

People who lose their eyebrows from medical treatments like chemotherapy are often not good candidates for eyebrow transplants. When the patient is finished with his or her chemotherapy treatments, the hair often grows back.

Close-up portrait of a young man with blue eyes - OBS: model use lens contact Nu/Hart’s Eyebrow Hair Transplantation is a process that takes a single hair follicle from a donor area and inserts it in the direction and shape of the desired eyebrow. A local anesthetic is used so that the client remains awake and alert, yet unable to experience any discomfort.

A well balanced eyebrow often requires the transplanting of about 400 hair follicles. Partial eyebrow implants will usually require less. The targeted amount of follicles can be determined during your free consultation.

Nu/Hart’s Eyebrow Restoration is similar to other hair transplant procedures performed on the scalp, in that, for appropriate candidates, the transplanted hair is permanent. Results of hair restoration are very natural and their growth can transform the balance of the face, yielding a much more symmetrical and attractive appearance.