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Do New York Wall Street Elites Sport Mustaches? Study Says Yes

It’s a common stereotype that men with facial hair can’t get high paying jobs, but recent research suggest that Wall Street’s elite members might very well be sporting facial hair. In a study put out by Quicken and The American Mustache Institute, 2,000 men were polled about their income and spending habits. The men were divided into three categories: men with beards, men with mustaches, and men who were clean shaven.

Mustache Matt

photo by Matt Spiel

The results of the study indicated that men with mustaches earned an average of 8.2% more than men with beards, and 4.3% more than men who were clean shaven. The study suggests that contrary to the popular stereotype, facial hair does not negatively affect income. To learn more about facial hair, or hair transplants in New York, contact NuHart at 800-776-7775.