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Your Hair Characteristics

Class 2 indicates progress towards the hairline adult or older person , who is at the distance of a finger ( 1.5 cm ) above the fold of the eyebrow, with some recession in the temporal area . Not necessarily a problem of baldness.

Class 2A It occurs when backing up the entire front hairline.

Class 3 It is the earliest stage of hair loss in men. It is characterized by a marked recession of hair in the temporal area.

Class 3A It is when the frontal recession continues to move toward the back.

Class 3V represents the early loss of hair on the crown (vertex ).

Class 4 It characterized by further frontal hair loss and enlargement of the vertex , but there is still a thick strip of hair through the top , separating the front and the apex.

Class 4A It is when hair loss progresses beyond this line " half crown ".

Class 5 the balding areas in the front and crown continue to grow and the strip of hair that separates the two areas begins to disappear.

Class 5a occurs when hair loss extends towards the apex and the back of the balding area is narrower than in the Norwood 6 Type Regular.

Class 5v It is a type that Norwood 4 regulate more advanced stage , more baldness on the crown.

Class 6 It occurs when the strip of hair from the top disappears and leaves one large area of ​​baldness on the front and top of the scalp. On the sides of the scalp hair it remains at a relatively high line.

Class 7 patients have extensive hair loss and have only a wreath of hair on the back and sides of the scalp.

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