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Chicago Hair 911: How to Protect Your Hair from the Wind

Live in Chicago? Then you know why it’s called the Windy City. Because it’s windy, obviously… and that creates certain problems. Umbrellas get snatched from your hand, cellular phone calls get muffled, and if you have hair and live in Chicago, then you know what wind can do to it. You spend an hour prepping in the morning… shampoo, conditioner, dry, primp, product… only to have it ruined by the first gust of wind as you step outside. Here are a couple tricks to protect yourself:

Clip it!

Secure your hair with clips, and have some in your purse for sudden gusts.

Wrap it Or Braid it!

You can let it down when you get to the restaurant or office…

For more tips, check out this article. And if you’re looking for more information on a hair transplant, contact Nu/Hart today at 800-776-7775.

Main photo by Nimesh M