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Can Hair Loss Affect How Much Money You Make? One Study Says “Yes”

Studies have shown that 75% of men who suffer from hair loss feel less confident, especially when dealing with the opposite sex. Other studies have shown that men who suffer from hair loss earn almost 10% less than men who do not suffer from the condition.

And this problem doesn’t just sit with men. Female hair loss and the statistics regarding it are very difficult to compile because of the tendency of women to hide their hair loss.

What can you do about it?

Be confident!

Because your hair is the only physical part of your beauty that comes from within, if you feel great about your hair, your hair will reflect the confidence you have within yourself. No matter what type of hair you have – length, texture, or color, your hair is a celebration of the confidence you will ultimately have in yourself.

Whether or not your confidence lies within your hair, or lack thereof, you never want to be a slave to the latest hair trends or options if they don’t make you feel confident. Your hair is like a picture frame which crops your face, so it is important that you feel self-assured in whatever style you choose. 

Photo by Luciano Consolini

Photo by Ryan Abel

You don’t have to think of balding or hair loss as a life sentence. There are many options available today in order for both men and women to treat hair loss and gain back the confidence they once had. Visiting, you’re able to discuss some of your options and learn about hair transplants New York with hair restoration specialists.

A full head of hair does not guarantee instant confidence in yourself, but there are numerous psychological factors often working to help build one’s confidence. But again as the statistics show, the more confident you are in your hair, the more confident you are as a person. So why not do something about it?

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